Teck Guan (China) Ltd is invested by Teck Guan Group from Malaysia, which is established in 2005, commissioning in 2008. Total investment is USD250 millions. Our production capacity is 130,000 TPY for fatty acid, 100,000 TPY for fatty alcohol ,18,000 TPY for food grade glycerin. The company's products have a high market sharing, product quality and production technology is in the leading level in the same industry.

Teck Guan is small conglomerate with head office in Malaysia and activities in China and Indonesia too. We have 110 subsidiaries companies, over 7000+ employees, with good persistent financial performance. We established since 1934. Our main business: 1) Plantations; 2) Industries in all areas of oil palm products including POM, KCP, oleo-chemicals, biotechnology in animal feed, and minings; 3) Tradings.

We use the most advanced wax-ester technology from Lurgi Germany. The use of advanced wax ester treatment technology to ensure the advanced process of the project and the stability of product quality, the implementation of the project in the process and equipment to fill the gap in China, in the leading position in the country.

Teck Guan China has more than 100 shore tanks, that is 12 raw material shore tanks which can store 90K MT PKO, 58 finished product shore tanks which can store 4.5K MT product, and more 20 immediate product shore tanks. All shore tanks have pipelines connecting to the terminal of Changjiang River.

Since the raw material comes from photosynthesis, we are taking non-earth, sustainable wealth from the heavens, and then nourishing the society in the hope of achieving global co-prosperity.