Board of Directors

Board of Directors

1631240524110469.jpgDatuk Hong Ngit Ming graduated from the prestigious Imperial College London with dual degrees: BSc (Hon) and ACGI. He also received a master's degree in economics from the University of Sabah, Malaysia, and is also a chartered engineer in the UK. He joined the highly diversified Deyuan Group in 1976 and is currently the Executive Chairman of Deyuan Group.

Datuk Fang Riming took over the family business from his late father Datuk Fang Deyuan in 1997. He is a well-known, respected and honorable businessman. He does not think that his inheritance is his birthright. Inheriting the values of honesty, diligence and integrity from his late father, he proved his courage in a difficult business environment and took the group to a higher level. He lived a simple life with his family, and tirelessly promoted and promoted the growth of Deyuan Group into an astonishing multinational company, which was hardly cared about in the early years. Due to his technical background, he leads a team of technical experts in his company. His vision is to use the company's own raw materials to push Deyuan Group into a higher technological field. His dream has finally come true. He has made great efforts to establish a fatty alcohol factory in China where there is a market. This is Deyuan (China) High-Tech Co., Ltd. It is precisely because of his strong technical background and great motivation that this fatty alcohol factory has achieved great success, and by the way, it has become the world's largest monomer fatty alcohol factory using the world's advanced wax ester technology. His vision is Malaysia The palm oil industry has created a huge and promising market, while also elevating and pushing Malaysia to a new milestone.

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